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Welcome to Lakeview Custom Coach

Lakeview Custom Coach is a trusted automotive institution in the South New Jersey and Philadelphia area. We are a top provider of one-stop sales and service for new and used limousines, buses and livery sedans.

You can pick a new limousine or bus from our exclusive selection of vehicles. And when you do, you will have already found the repair shop for your specific needs, as we have a state of the art facility that provides expert car repair and maintenance services that you can rely on. Turn to Lakeview custom coach if you are looking for:

Specialty Dealership for Limousines and Other Vehicles
We offer a diverse collection of used and new limousines, buses, and specialty vehicles. New limousine units such as Mercedes-Benz Sprinters, Lincoln Navigators, Chrysler 300s, and 2011 Chevrolet Camaros are all available for purchase.

Expert Car Diagnostic, Repair and Maintenance Service
If you have a used limousine that needs repair, we can provide auto repair services including mechanical repair, complete body and restoration repair, and electronic and electrical diagnostic and repair.

Exceptional Restorations
Beyond repair services, Lakeview Custom Coach also has a renowned body shop facility that performs custom painting and restoration for used limousines, buses or specialty vehicles. This service encompasses repair and replacement of period-specific parts, as well as restoration of upholstery, custom interiors and convertible tops. Our Total Restoration will make your vehicle look as good as new.

90 days/4000 Miles Guarantee
Lakeview Custom Coach offers outstanding deals on new and used limousines, buses and other vehicles. Your complete satisfaction is our first objective which is why we offer a guarantee that covers your vehicle for 100% of the parts and labor cost of any repair or other service for the first 90 days or first 4000 miles driven after purchase.

Worldwide Shipping
No need to worry about taking delivery of your newly purchased car. We offer shipping services that will deliver your new limousines and buses to you wherever you are.

Call us at 800. 546. 6322 to learn more about what we can do for you!


Maintenance, Parts, Upholstery Everyday Maintenance on your Vehicle Check Out our New Parts Page Quality Upholstery Services

New Arrivals

  • 2012 Lincoln Navigator 200″ 5-door by Quality 2012 | 47,500 Miles

  • 2015 Mercedes Sprinter by Midwest, Exec People Mover 2015 | 28 Miles

  • 2013 Ford F-550 by Grech Motors, 28 pass 2013 | 90,660 Miles

  • Last 2014 Ford F-550 Grech Shuttle Bus 2014 | 50,760 Miles

  • 2013 Van Terra 14 plus rear luggage 2013 | 94,390 Miles

  • Used Sprinter, 2014 Midwest with 26K miles 2014 | 26,000 Miles

  • Used Sprinter-Private 2013 | 36,800 Miles

  • 2015 Lincoln MKT 120″ 5 door, 3 seat – Black/Black 2015 | 168 Miles

  • Touring Edition Sprinter, 2015 by Midwest 2015 | 1,500 Miles

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