Pete Corelli has been working in, on, around and even under limousines for more than forty years, going back to his teenage years in New Jersey. He started working on cars for the most practical of reasons; when he was a young man with very little money, you either fixed your own car or you didn’t ride. He literally learned the business from the ground up, saying, “All my mechanical knowledge was largely self-taught from hands on experience. I have a mind that easily adapts to mechanical problems. Some things, like fabrication and mechanical repairs, come easily to me.”

It’s safe to say that there is essentially nothing about the business he doesn’t know. And yet, when you speak with Pete, you find a humble man who appreciates everyone he comes in contact with.

“I don’t know that I’ve had a specific mentor,” says Corelli, “but I have been blessed to be surrounded with many knowledgeable people in all walks of business. I learn something every time I shake someone’s hand and have a conversation.”

Corelli started Pete’s Service Center as a repair shop in 1973 in Audubon, New Jersey and after many successful years moved the business in 1984, renaming it Lakeview Custom Coach, to Oaklyn, NJ, in an effort to expand the business into a full sales and service shop. He saw opportunity in the limousine market with the fast growth of the casino industry in Atlantic City, among other places, and viewed this as a perfect fit for him and his new enterprise.

“With my ability to fix anything automotive, I knew this was the right industry for me. I had experience doing body work and I started to do upholstery because there was no one who was doing it well in the area. I wanted my customers to have a ‘one-stop shop’ and that theory has served us well,” says Pete.

Corelli’s focus has always been on delivering the highest customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty, believing that if you keep the customers happy, your business will be successful. This has been the core value of his business since he started his shop. And while the limousine business has changed dramatically in the past twenty-five years, moving from just heavy, luxurious cars to include sedans, busses and now ‘sprinter’ limousines, he has expanded his product and service line without abandoning his basic principle of “quality customer service”.

When pressed about what he enjoys most about the business, Pete will tell you that it’s “…the lasting relationships I have built over the years. And also watching my son come into the business I built through those relationships and seeing him understand what relationships in business mean. We share ideas about new ways to get things done, and then he goes out and makes those ideas a reality, but he always remembers that the only truly good idea is one that brings the customer back. When you have a customer who spends tens thousands of dollars, even a hundred thousand dollars, and that customer looks you in the eye, shakes your hand and says ‘Thank you’, that means something. You know that you’ve done something right and can be proud of what you’ve accomplished. My son understands that, too.” Corelli adds with a smile, “it feels good working with family.”

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