2017 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 3500SS, Black w/Black-White 15 pass-SOLD – ORDER

Features Overview

    2017 Mercedes Sprinter 3500SS by Midwest, Black w/Black Leather, white piping and sides. Tuxedo interior, 3 seat split for 13 rear and 2 front, (2) 40" TV's and a 29" over the bar and champagne area. Maybach headliner in white or colors, Refrigerator and storage drawer, Touch screen CD-DVD-Sat Radio, window shades, 16" chrome wheels with oversized tires for better rear ride. Also custom suspension - shocks-springs and anti sway. High end base unit with Xenon headlights, land protect, etc. 2 seats of fog or running lights. In stock, ready now. Sold. Going to add the custom chrome grill and alcoa chrome wheels to the next 3500. Also a PS4 for Blue Ray disc and video games.

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