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Want a sleek makeover for your car? As the automotive specialist and industry leader in car repair and maintenance, we at Lakeview Custom Coach can work wonders for your car by giving it a fresh look with our custom paintwork and detailing services.

Whether you want to give your car or party buses a totally different look with custom graphics and designs, or match it with its original color after normal wear and tear, our auto specialists are always up to any paint job challenge.

Custom Paint
With Lakeview Custom Coach, you can expect:

Assorted, unique designs- We can make your vehicle stand out from the rest or restore it to its original splendor through our assorted and unique custom auto paint and detailing services. If you want us to “pimp your ride,” we can create cutting edge custom paint work according to your preferences. This may include graphics, lettering, two-tone colors and more.

Exceptional quality- When it comes to custom paint jobs, we only provide the highest quality of work. You can trust that the materials we use are always first-rate, pass accredited safety standards, and can create and achieve the look you want for your vehicle.

Expert auto specialists- Lakeview Custom Coach is home to custom paint professionals that possess the knowledge and experience to give your car and party buses the fresh look you want. Backed by their extraordinary skills and excellent customer service, our experts address all your preferences and concerns when it comes to giving your vehicle that new and polished look.

Dedicated customer service- Our auto specialists here at Lakeview Custom Coach are not only capable of handling any custom paint job; they also offer outstanding service to each client. They can give you their own insights to guide you on what works best for your car and ultimately achieve the look you desire. They make sure that every job is done according to your specifications and satisfaction.

Need a quality guarantee? At Lakeview Custom Coach, we provide the 90/4000 guarantee, meaning you can take it back after 90 days or 4000 miles. We’d appreciate any questions you may have regarding our services, so give us a call today!

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