Diagnosing Suspension Issues

How to Spot Suspension Issues

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Diagnosing Suspension Problems

A smooth, stable ride is part of an enjoyable driving experience. However, if you start feeling every bump in the road, it can damper your comfortable cruise down the highway.

A rough ride may signify that your car suffers from suspension problems. This essential system is designed to efficiently absorb all those lumps on an uneven roadway. But does your car need suspension repair?

Thankfully, the automotive repair experts at Lakeview Custom Coach in Oaklyn, New Jersey, are here to help. Here are three red flags: your car needs to be taken to a car repair shop for suspension services.

A Rough Ride

As we said before, a rougher than normal ride might mean that your vehicle needs suspension repair. As the suspension system wears out, it can’t effectively absorb the shock and shakes from driving over bumps. This means that you’ll feel every imperfection in the road your car rolls over.

If that’s the case, call the certified technicians at Lakeview Custom Coach today. We’ll help put an end to your uncomfortable drives.

Loose Handling

Your car’s suspension system is closely connected to its steering system. If your suspension system is having problems, the steering system can also be. You might notice a shaking steering wheel or loose handling. This can increase your risk of an accident while you’re behind the wheel. If you notice these problems, we recommend having your car inspected immediately.

Strange Sounds

Are clanking, squeaking, or knocking sounds coming from underneath your car? This could indicate a failing suspension component. For instance, suspension bushings help to keep the system’s moving parts running smoothly. If your bushings go bad, some of the suspension system’s parts can become loose and start rattling. Thus, you’ll hear strange noises.

Quality Auto Repair in Oaklyn

If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, call the repair and maintenance specialists at Lakeview Custom Coach in Oaklyn, New Jersey, today. We can be reached at (856) 854-3300. We’ll quickly fix your suspension, so you can enjoy a smooth, safe ride.

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