We understand your need for an automotive shop that consistently performs expert bus, coach, and limousine repair services for your vehicles. Lakeview Custom Coach is not only a trusted limousine, livery sedan, bus and coach dealership, we also have a one-stop facility for keeping your car in the best shape possible.

We are committed to giving you the ultimate customer satisfaction by ensuring that your cars are properly diagnosed, repaired and maintained. Our engine repair services cover both domestic and imported cars. We also offer top-of-the-line restoration services for specialty cars and the like.

Specialty Vehicle Repair

bus, coach, and limousine repair

General Automotive Repair

top-of-the-line restoration services for specialty cars

Classic Car Restoration

top-of-the-line restoration services for specialty cars

Why Us?

By trusting Lakeview Custom Coach, you guarantee quality auto services for every aspect of your vehicles’ upkeep. We provide:

  • World-Class Service Bays and Equipment – So that your automobiles run smoothly at all times, Lakeview Custom Coach makes sure that our bays are on par with the best in the industry. We have a complete range of custom diagnostic and engine repair equipment to detect potential problems before they even happen.
  • Qualified Technicians and Specialists – We put your safety at the top of our priorities, which is why we employ only highly qualified technicians and specialists to perform your coach, limousine, or bus repair. Our certified mechanics are committed to thoroughly professional and efficient work for you.
  • Maintenance and Preventative Services – We design customized preventive maintenance for your vehicles. Limousine repair and tune-up routines are especially valuable for livery businesses, where the upkeep of your fleet is of utmost importance. We can help make your business perform to its fullest potential.

If you require specific procedures for your vehicles, the technicians at Lakeview Custom Coach have the experience and the know-how to provide with you the proper solutions. If you have any questions regarding our coach, limousine, or bus repair services, call us or visit our Oaklyn, New Jersey office today.

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