Body & Restoration

Lakeview Custom Coach is South New Jersey and Philadelphia’s largest independent complete body and restoration repair shop. We specialize in the restoration of limousines, limo buses, buses, specialty cars and other private or commercial vehicles.

From a simple panel repair to a complete restoration, our highly trained technicians will satisfy any customer’s most critical inspection. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vehicles are restored with complete accuracy and detail. We can also turn standard buses into luxury Limo Buses.

Body Restoration
In a complete body restoration, the repair and refinishing of a vehicle goes through careful inspection, repair, and repainting to bring the car to its first-sold condition.

An important part of the vehicle restoration process is the frame. It acts as the foundation for the whole car. We inspect frames for rust damage, alignment, and twisting, as well as the condition of mounting points for the body, suspension, and other components.

Complete Restoration
We also perform total removal and reinstallation of the body, engine, and related parts of the car. As part of the restoration, we thoroughly examine, clean and repair each part. We also evaluate if repair of the individual part would be too costly, and possibly replace it.
Our Complete Restoration and Repair package includes:

  • Body and Trunk
  • Trim
  • Chrome Details
  • Period-Appropriate Wheels
  • Dashboard Setup and Accessories
  • Passenger’s Compartment
  • Engine and Engine Compartment
  • Frame and Driveline
  • Ancillary Parts, limousine parts

No job is too small or too big – from the partial restoration services to complete turnkey restoration for your personal vehicle. If you have a classic car, muscle car, hot rod, limousine, bus or any kind of vehicle, Lakeview Custom Coach has the facility and top-notch technicians to make your vehicle look brand new.

Contact us today and get a free estimate on restorations, limousine parts, or repairs. Just give us a call at 800-546-6322.

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