Lakeview Custom Coach offers one-stop automotive repairs and services for South New Jersey and Philadelphia clients.  We specialize not only in standard electrical repair – such as electrical wiring, charging system, batteries, etc – for domestic and most import vehicles, but also perform diagnostics and repair for cutting-edge electronic technology equipment. Our services include repairing limousines, livery sedans and buses.

Our Electronics Repair Division staff includes trusted industry specialists when it comes to installing and repairing automotive features such as:

  • Heated Side View Mirrors
  • Central Door Locks & Power Windows
  • Speedometer and Oil Gauge
  • Air Bag Systems
  • Cruise Control Systems
  • And many more

We are also experts in the repair and maintenance of entertainment features. If your vehicles have items such as LCD TV screens, satellite TV and radio or fiber optics, you can trust Lakeview Custom Coach with the upkeep and repairs.

Why choose Lakeview Custom Coach for your vehicle electronic repair?
Lakeview Custom Coach offers the best auto services for the South New Jersey and Philadelphia area.  We are an industry leader because:

  1. We have a team of highly-skilled technicians who can take on even the most complicated problems and figure out the best solutions.
  2. Our garage has multiple service bays, fully equipped with the most modern tools for tasks such as troubleshooting your charging system or repairing your electrical wiring.
  3. Part-replacement is easy with our inventory of fast moving items such as batteries and spark plugs, and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components. Should a part be out-of-stock, we will place an order for it immediately to avoid delays.
  4. We can accommodate any type of vehicle for electronic repairs – our premises can even service a 140-inch stretch limousine.

Whether your vehicle’s turn signal indicator won’t function or the “check engine” light on your instrument cluster remains lit, you can count on our Electronic Repair Division to remedy the problem quickly and efficiently.

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