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3 Benefits of Auto Upholstery Repair

When you get behind the wheel of your brand-new car for the very first time, the clean cabin and pristine upholstery can feel like heaven. However, daily driving can take a toll on your car's interior. Coffee spills, mud, dirt, and stains will leave your cabin less-than-perfect.

To restore your car to its original beauty, you might want to consider getting upholstery repair services. The collision repair specialists at Lakeview Custom Coach in Oaklyn, New Jersey, are here to explain three benefits of upholstery repair.

  1. Boosts Your Car’s Resale Value
  2. When selling your car or trading it in, all those rips and stains can significantly lower its resale value. Nobody wants to buy a car with dirty, discolored, torn seats and carpeting. Bring your vehicle to an auto body repair shop for upholstery repair can increase your car's resale value.

  3. No More Bad Odors
  4. Remember that fresh, clean new car smell? After you spill your drink on your seat or your dog tracks mud all over the carpet, your car's interior can stink. These materials can sink deep into your upholstery, causing unpleasant odors. Upholstery repair services can help your car smell fresh again. You'll remove the mess and the odor by replacing your carpeting or leather.

  5. Lowers Your Risk of an Injury
  6. Believe it or not, that tear in your seat is an accident waiting to happen. Tattered seats can cause you to slip and fall if your clothes catch on the torn material. Additionally, small objects can be hidden under the tear. This can irritate if they rub up against your bare skin. Upholstery repair services can make your car look flawless while increasing your comfort and preventing potential injuries from happening.

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